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A international restaurant With a flare for fine dining

Chef Scotley Innis

Providing the highest quality of food and service to Atlanta

International Fine Dining

Rising Star Chef Scotley Innis brings origins to surface to celebrate the generations in the making and the ones who’ve made it. We invite you to share in our story allowing us to treat you in flavors of our roots at a seat at our table, where all are friends and a member of our family. The menu brings elemental, ingredient-driven cooking to the forefront, evoking the greatness of the past while remaining modern in its execution. Dishes put taste buds pleasure over spectacle, taking inspiration from Africa and The Caribbean. We welcome you.


“My food is ‘More Life,’ in my Jamaican voice,” he jokes, “meaning it nourishes your mind, body, and soul. It reminds me of comfort, family get-togethers and long-lasting memories.”


"We want to bring more of an educational level, along with pairing foods and mixed, curated drinks."

Expect our cuisine to be dishes made from-scratch, sourcing fresh ingredients from around the world.


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A International Restaurant With a Flare for Fine Dining